Historical Archive
The Movement Oral History Project
Antiwar Protest and Allied Activism in the Stanford Community, 1963–1973

A3M participants have contributed to an oral history project supported by the Stanford Associates, the Stanford Historical Society, and the Stanford University Archives. The project steering committee was comprised of Janet Cooper Alexander, Margie Cohn, Art Eisenson, Jeanne Friedman, David Pugh, Merle Rabine, Dave Ransom, Lenny Siegel, and Marc Weiss. Merle Rabine served as project coordinator. Contributors to these oral histories are listed below. To access these histories, click on:

The following individuals have been interviewed:
Ira Arlook
William Black
Nelson Bonner
Bill Bower
Elizabeth Braunstein
Marjorie Cohn
Arthur Eisenson
Gini Faller
Gerry Foote
Jeanne Friedman
Ned Groth
Hal Hamilton
Vivian Goetzel Holley
Kent Hudson
Robert L. Jaffe
Joann Johnson
Glenda Maurine Jones
Georgia Kelly
Susan McKevit
Andrew Moss
Christine Mrak
David Pugh
Leslie Rabine
Merle Rabin
Paul Rupert
Richard Sack
David Schilling
Patrick Shea
Lenny Siegel
Jack Truher
Jeff Weil
Marc A. Weiss
Robert Wolf
Richard W. Zdarko