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A3M 2009 Stanford Activist Reunion

Friday May 1–Sunday, May 3, 2009
The 2009 reunion of Stanford activists is over. By all measures, it was a great success. Overall, some 125 to 150 of us took part. We enjoyed shmoozing and arguing with old comrades. We looked optimistically at the American political scene. We provided support for today’s Stanford activists. We remembered those who have died. On the historical campus tour, some of us offered true confessions about events 40 years ago.
David Harris provided an inspiring accounting of our achievements last Friday night, but he seemed to imply that we are "over the hill." We may be greyer, but we have countless opportunities to carry on the work we began together four decades ago.
David Harris adddressing the 1999 A3M Reunion.
David Harris speaking at the A3M 2009 Stanford Activist Reunion
To view the video of David's talk, with an introduction by Jeanne Friedman,
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Bart Bernstein's historical accounting of our actions and critique of Richard Lyman's book was so compelling that the audience insisted on extended discussion as our DJ waited patiently to start the dance party.
Using our cell phones, digital cameras, and the Internet to organize and publicize the events, we were struck by the possibilities of what we might have achieved with these tools! Instead, some of us played key roles in inventing them.
Inner Quad at noon on May 3, 2009.
© 2009 Cindy Bendat
While fondly remembering our past, we managed to make a statement about the present. Noon Sunday, May 3, participants in the A3M 2009 reunion nailed to the door of the Stanford President's Office a copy of the petition, drafted by Stanford Says No to War, calling for the investigation and possible prosecution of Condoleezza Rice and other members of the Bush regime for war crimes.
The Nailing.
© 2009 Cindy Bendat
The petition.
© 2009 Cindy Bendat
Timed a few days after Rice's verbal confrontation with an undergraduate, the ceremony was covered by three major broadcast TV stations. Here are some links to what is available on line:

The reunion is over, but via this web site and the e-mail list for participants, the virtual reunion continues.