A3M Reunions

Multi-Generational Activist Reunion

The 55th Reunion of
Stanford’s April 3rd Movement

May 3–May 5, 2024

As with previous gatherings, the Reunion commemorated more than A3M. We brought together people who were active at Stanford and adjacent communities any time during the 1960s and 1970s. We also invited current students, faculty, and staff, as well as family members of our original cohort.

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Reunion Program
Friday, May 3
7:00 PM
Film Screening: Radical Reunion: A Student’s History of Stanford Anti-War Activism in 1969
A new documentary film focusing on Stanford’s Vietnam-era anti-war movement, the April 3rd Movement (A3M), followed by a conversation with the filmmakers, Stanford alums Luke Wigren (CSRE: Center for Educational Research at Stanford) and Derek Knowles (American Studies), as well as alumni of A3M and other Stanford movements. Co-sponsored by American Studies.
Saturday, May 4
9:00 AM
Palestine, Ukraine, the Overseas Deployment of U.S. Forces, and the Military Industrial Complex
Discussion led by Margie Cohn via Zoom
10:45 AM
Discussion of 2024 elections
Led by Jim Shoch
12:30 PM
Chinese Railroad Workers
Presented by Hilton Obenzinger, Stanford Chinese Railroad Workers Project
1:30 PM
Challenging Climate Change at Stanford
Presented by Kumi Naidoo, Payne Distinguished Lecturer, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
1:45 PM
Challenging Climate Change at Stanford
Student-led panel discussion
3:30 PM
Investment/Divestment Strategies for Good
Led by Thomas Van Dyck, RBC Wealth Management
3:45 PM
Divestment Strategies for Good: Israel/Palestine and Fossil Fuels
Student-led discussion
7:00 PM
Reading of Alice in ROTC-Land
Introduced and directed by Marc Weiss
7:30 PM
Memorial for Fallen Comrades
Led by Joanne Johnson
Sunday, May 5
9:30 AM
Pursuing a Lifetime of Activism
Discussion led by Sue McKevitt (aka Sue Flores), who did her PhD thesis on What Keeps Them Going: Factors that Sustain US Women’s Lifelong Peace and Justice Activism, via Zoom
11:15 AM
2040: How we Transformed Stanford for Global Good
Four stories and discussion
1:45 PM
Meeting in White Plaza with Students from the Stop the Genocide Encampment

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