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2014 Stanford-Area Movement (A3M-plus) Reunion
Friday, May 16
Oak Lounge, Tresidder Memorial Union, Stanford University
Parking is free after 4:00 PM
5:30 PM
Opening of on-site registration
6:00 PM
Purchase food/drink on your own and bring it up to the Oak Lounge
7:00 PM
Welcome by Jeanne Friedman and overview of week-end
7:30 PM
Terry L. Karl, Accountability for War Crimes: From Viet Nam to Latin America, followed by a discussion
Visit Terry Karl's page at the FSI Stanford Media Guide
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Saturday, May 17
First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 1140 Cowper, Palo Alto
Registered Participants Only
All Day
Memorial Bulletin Board
Please bring clippings and other paper memorabilia.
9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast and Registration
10:00 AM
Research Life, Not Death—A discussion facilitated by Lenny Siegel
To what degree did the Movement and Counterculture influence the evolution of Silicon Valley, and is Silicon Valley business different?
Buffet Lunch
1:30 PM
Daniel Ellsberg, Truth-Telling: Whistleblowers in the Vietnam and Modern Eras, introduced by and followed by a discussion facilitated by Marjorie Cohn
3:30 PM
Snack break
4:00 PM
Then and Now—Affinity groups continue the discussion
6:00 PM
Buffet Dinner with recorded protest music
7:30 PM
Memorial Call-Out
8:00 PM
H. Bruce Franklin, The Cultural Memory of the Vietnam War in the Epoch of the Forever War, followed by a discussion
Visit H. Bruce Franklin at Wickipedia
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Floating dessert break
Sunday, May 18
Cypress Lounge, Tresidder Memorial Union, Stanford University
Parking is free on week-ends
10:00 AM
Purchase breakfast on your own and bring up to Cypress Lounge
10:30 AM
Retrospective Campus Tour led by Lenny Siegel
12:30 PM
Purchase lunch on your own and bring it up to Cypress Lounge
1:30–4:00 PM
Open Discussion: Preserving our Legacy and other themes, with optional affinity groups.