In Remembrance.

In Remembrance

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Wally Hunkeler


Walter M. (Wally) Hunkeler was born in 1945. He did his undergraduate studies at Harvard where he and his girlfriend Enid were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. As reported in The Harvard Crimson:

A witness reported that Hunkeler was heading toward Lars Anderson Bridge in the right lane of Memorial drive when a car in the left lane swerved, forcing the motorcycle against the curb. Hunkeler and his passenger, Enid Fallick, were both thrown about fifty feet and landed on the sidewalk in front of the Winthrop House courtyard.

The two were taken to Mt. Auburn hospital where they were treated for multiple injuries.

Hunkeler learned how to ride a motor bike just three weeks ago. He was taking his roommate's 650 cc. BSA for a test drive.

While the accident didn’t deter Wally from future motorcycle rides, it was the end of Enid’s experiment with motorbikes, although she did marry Wally.

After graduating from Harvard in 1967, Wally enrolled in Stanford Law School. During his time at Stanford, Wally was a member of the SJC Defence Committee, he was active in Venceremos, and he participated in anti-war actions. He was also a member of the National Lawyers Guild, an activist collection of lawyers and students focused on aiding those needing but unable to pay for legal aid.

After passing the bar, Wally and some of his associates created the law firm of Hunkeler, Murphy & Pearson, based in San Francisco, where they continued their defense of people in need.

Wally had a ready laugh, but also demons. Sadly, Wally succumbed to his demons in 1991.


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