In Remembrance.

In Remembrance

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Maureen Kulbaitis Cassidy


Frank Cassidy

This was a camping trip with some of the Peninsula Observer staff, circa 1969. The location is Big Basin State Park, California. Maureen is seated at the left, in a plaid jacket; Frank is seated next to her, in a blue shirt. Seated next to Frank is Andrew Moss. Standing, behind them, in the hat, is Dave Ransom. Saul and Judy Wasserman are in the foreground; David Shen is at the right. Marlene Lily adds that the woman behind Saul and next to Andrew is Janet Small. Photo by Ned Groth

My parents were both very active in the movement. They have both now passed away and when I read all your list emails I feel like in some way I am hearing what some of their thoughts might have been in 2014. I really love listening in to you all.

My mom was Maureen (Kulbaitis) Cassidy, 1944–1996, and my dad was Frank Cassidy, 1946–2007. They were both grad students in the Poli Sci program and were both involved with the Peninsula Observer.

They married in 1969 and had two kids—me and my sister, Megan Olson. My dad was a prof and a consultant to First Nations who were in legal battles over their land. My mom was a local historian, writer & archivist. They moved to Canada in the early 70s and both died there, my mom of a brain aneurysm and my dad of cancer.

I’m enclosing a photo from Ned Groth, of a camping trip with Peninsula Observer staff, about 1969, in Big Basin State Park, showing Maureen and Frank, Andrew Moss, Dave Ransom, Saul and Judy Wasserman, and David Shen.

My sister and I miss our parents very, very much. It was wonderful to be raised by radical thinkers—I am sure all of your children feel the same.

Much respect to you all,

Amy (Cassidy) Duncan

[Amy asks us to send any photos or memories of her parents, and invites us for a cup of coffee in Seattle. —LS]