Historical Archive
c. August, 1967
Uptight about the Draft?
Flyer by Mid-Peninsula Anti-Draft Organizing Committee inviting people to a Community Meeting to Discuss the Draft held in Sunnyvale. Page two is in Spanish.
Registrants – “Form 100 is particularly important.”
Information for draft registrants, presented the Vietnam Summer Draft Project and the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors.
What do You Say?
Flyer from Vietnam Summer offering options to those affected by the draft
September 24, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Freshmen entering Stanford and other universities are apparently assured of at least a 30 day draft deferment …”
March 4–18
Who sits on the draft boards?
Midpeninsula Observer article about who is on local draft boards.
The Draft, Your Rights, Your Choices
Pamphlet from Vietnam Summer Draft Project. Page one is the outside, intended for folding; page two is the inside.
February 2, 1968
Dilemma facing the men of ’68
Three articles on the draft in The Stanford Daily Magazine.