Historical Archive
CIA Protest
A flyer announcing, "The CIA On Campus: Demonstrate and Debate All Day at Encina."
Political Suspensions
“Concerned Students” ask those who hold ASSU positions to resign in response to the Interim Judicial Body (IJB) recommendations that seven students be suspended for their participation in anti-CIA demonstrations.
On Trial
The “Official Program + Score Card” which lists eleven speakers and their topics.
October 11, 1967
CIA Interviewing Moved
An article by Christopher Hargrove from The Stanford Daily.
October 25–Novevember 1, 1967
A set of three letters: The first is from Richard S. Bogart, for Students for a Democratic Society, to President Sterling, Oct. 25, 1967; the second is from Richard W. Lyman, Vice President and Provost, to Richard S. Bogart, Oct. 30, 1967; and the third is from Richard W. Lyman to The Stanford Daily, Nov. 1, 1967.
A Student-Professor Relationship
An unsigned, undated, writen dialogue between Professor and Student. The subject is the anti-CIA demonstration.
Announces a noon rally about “The CIA and Stanford” at White Plaza.
February 5, 1968
Everyone is invited
An invitation to the second act of a comic farce entitled, “How to Stamp Out Student Activism While Protecting Your Vital Interests ($$),” Feb. 5.
Join the CIA: Subvert a Foreign Government
A list of CIA activities compiled by Stanford SDS.