Historical Archive
Stop the Draft Week
What Stop the Draft Week is All About
Strategy, discipline, and plans; unsigned and undated.
Hell No! Nobody Goes!
Flyer by Stanford Anti-Draft Union on plans to close the Oakland Induction Center on October 17.
Stop the Draft Week—A Plan of Action
Document listing the preliminary plan of Stop The Draft Week in San Francisco.
This Country
Flyer by SNCC in San Francisco and SDS Anti-Draft in Berkeley.
You are Lucky, Today is a Draft Holiday
Stanford Anti-Draft Union flyer on shutting down the Oakland Induction Center for a day.
Stop the Draft Week—Mid-Peninsula Calendar of Events
Flyer by a number of cooperating groups.
Goals of Stop the Draft Week
Unsigned statement of goals of Stop the Draft Week.
Urgent message from Napier, Mancall, and Drekmeier
Message urging people to avoid going to Oakland as they feel the demonstration will almost certainly involve violence.
November 9, 1967
To Charles Gain and Whomever else it may Concern
Gain was the Oakland Police Chief. This is a complaint and set of demands stemming from the police handling of the draft board protesters.
Stop the Draft
List of co-ordinated activities for Stop the Draft Week on one side; purpose, preparation, approach, etc. on the other.
Suggestions for Self Protection
Suggestions by Self Defense Committee for protecting yourself in the demonstrations.
Open Letter to All People Fighting the Draft
Statement of goals and plans signed by about 40 people and printed by “Stop the Draft Week” in San Francisco.
Proposed Political Resolutions for Stop the Draft Week
Seven resolutions, unsigned and undated, and with no indication of who might be asked to pass the resolutions.
Ramparts Memo
Memo from John Spitzer on the Demonstration in Oakland, October 19, 1967.
Anti-Draft Demonstrators Released from Jail
Press release on those released from jail, including names and identifying information on the arrestees. No indication of who wrote the piece.
Civil Action Day Committee
Flyer on the demonstration at the induction center.
Have You Had Enough?
From the National Stop the Draft Week in San Francisco.