Historical Archive
Stanford Anti-Draft Union
March, 1968
Guide to Draft Counseling
“The purpose of this paper is to outline the things that draft counselors do,” by Leonard Siegel, Stanford Anti-Draft Union.
Meeting at White Plaza
Meeting, called by Stanford Anti-Draft Union, to discuss new draft regulations eliminating student deferments.
Draft Boards are being Strangled
A piece telling how draft boards are being inundated with mail, how people are writing letters using phony names and addresses that look like real letters to the draft board. The details of the letters are explained.
Dear Friend
Letter from James Sayre to people who witnessed his attempt to report to the induction center in Oakland. He was refused admittance to the facility.
November 18, 1968; October 1, 1970
Letters from Lenny Siegel addressed to “Brothers.” One letter urges the reader to consult with draft counselors. Another letter states his personal statement of opposition to the Army and the Draft.
March 3, 1967
Letter to President Sterling
Letter urging that Stanford stop cooperating with the Selective Service System, signed by Richard Bogart and Gary Coutin for the Stanford Anti-Draft Union.
Your Pre-Induction Physical
Description of the process put out by the Stanford Anti-Draft Union.
April 12, 1968
Dear Fellow Signers of the We Won’t Go Statement
Letter from the Stanford Anti-Draft Union.
A reprint of an official Selective Service Memorandum by the Stanford Anti-Draft Union. The address to write for a copy of the original is provided.
Pamphlet from the Stanford Anti-Draft Union and Mid-Peninsula Anti-Draft Organizing Committee with reasons to decide not to go and not to be drafted and sent to Vietnam.
My Induction Bound Friend
Letter from Bill Ward.
Have you found out your rights and alternatives?
A list of draft counseling organizations.
To all my friends who also face the threat of induction Letter from Alan Schmidt.
We Won’t Go
Statement to sign if you will not submit to the draft; with about 300 names of signers on the back.
Excepts from Robert Weston’s application for conscientious objector status
Compiled by Weston.
Malcolm X and the Draft
Excepts from The Autobiography of Malcolm X
February 22
Newspaper report
“Tactics in Draft Told At Stanford,” appeared February 22 but no indication of the paper.
Vote Yes
Flyers by Stanford SDS and Stanford Anti_Draft Union referring to a campus referendum to End University Complicity with the Draft
What You Should Know About the Draft and What You Can Do About the Draft
Flyer by Stanford Anti-Draft Union and Vietnam Summer Draft Project and Berkeley Anti-Draft Union.
Uptight with the Draft?
A flyer on the draft and alternatives prepared by the War Resisters League and reprinted with permission by the Stanford Anti-Draft Union.
Likely Draft Law Change: 19 Year-olds First
Flyer on alternatives with places to find further help.
September, 1967
You Don’t Have To Go!
Flyer by the Stanford Anti-Draft Union with alternatives for the potential inductee.