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Off ROTC: Administration Positions
January 16, 1970
Proposal for the Revision of Army ROTC at Stanford
Letter from President Pitzer to the Steering Committee of the Senate of the Academic Council, January 16, 1970 as printed in Campus Report, January 28, 1970.
January 26, 1970
Lyman Criticizes ROTC Punitive Clauses
Stanford University News Service, January 26, 1970.
January 28, 1970
President Meets the Press
Stanford Daily, January 28, 1970. Also, “Pitzer Acknowledges Pressure on Universities from Outside.”
February 4, 1970
President Reaffirms ROTC Position; Punitive Clauses Studied
Campus Report, February 4, 1970.
February 20, 1970
Pitzer Letter plus Army excerpts
Reprint of the January 16 letter, followed by “excerpts of the Army’s original ROTC revision plans,” Stanford Daily, February 20, 1970.
February 27, 1970
Pitzer’s ROTC Stand Still Leaves Questions
News Analysis by Bill Freivogel in the Stanford Daily, February 27, 1970.
March 4, 1970
Negotiations: Veiled Bias?
News Analysis by Bill Freivogel in the Stanford Daily, March 4, 1970.
March 6, 1970
Pitzer ROTC Position Unclear
News Analysis by Bill Freivogel in the Stanford Daily, March 6, 1970.
March 12, 1970
Shoch Letter
Letter to John Shoch, Deputy Chairman, ASSU Senate, from President Pitzer declining Shoch’s request for a public meeting on ROTC, March 12, 1970.
April 5, 1970
Brooks Letter
Copy of draft letter to the editor from Howard Brooks, Vice Provost, April 5, 1970.
April 16, 1970
Lyman Suggests that ROTC Scholarships be Changed into Student Loans
Stanford University News Service, April 16, 1970.
April 30, 1970
Statement by President Kenneth S. Pitzer to the Academic Senate
Stanford University News Service. Also, “Statement Passed at Special Meeting of Advisory Board, Stanford University, April 30, 1970.”
May 27, 1970
Brooks Won’t Accept Job From Air Force
Article about Vice-Provost Howard Brooks in the Stanford Daily, May 27, 1970.