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Off ROTC: Faculty Positions
c. Fall, 1969
Table showing “Comparison between the 1969 Senate Recommendations on ROTC, Present Status of Army ROTC, a Proposed Revision of Army ROTC.”
January 9, 1970
Letter from Manne and Van Slyke
Letter to President Pitzer from professors Alan S. Manne and Lyman P. Van Slyke concluding, “In the matter of academic credit, we believe that faculty views ought to be decisive and that the faculty has already expressed its views unambiguously.”
January 14, 1970
“Senate Will Consider Cutback in ROTC January 22”
Campus Report.
January 23, 1970
Senate approves plan
“The Stanford Faculty Senate Thursday night (Jan 20) approved a plan which would permit Army ROTC courses to qualify for limited academic credit on a one-year trial basis.” Stanford University Press Release.
January 26, 1970
“ROTC Decision Questioned, Petition Asks Faculty Review”
The Stanford Daily.
January 28, 1970
“Review of Senate ROTC Decision By Academic Council Is Forecast”
Campus Report.
February 13, 1970
“Faculty Will Review ROTC; Pitzer Rejects Open Forum”
The Stanford Daily.
February 20, 1970
“Faculty ROTC Views Range Widely”
The Stanford Daily “News Analysis.”
February, 1970
Campus Report.
February, 1970
“Limited Credit trial approved for ROTC”
The Stanford Observer.
March 3, 1970
“Faculty Decides on Mail Vote For ROTC”
The Stanford Daily.
March 30, 1970
Academic Council approves proposal
“The Stanford Academic Council today approved a proposal permitting Army ROTC courses to qualify for limited academic credit on a one-year trial basis.” Stanford University Press Release.
March, 1970
“Faculty mail ballot set on trial plan for ROTC credit”
The Stanford Observer.
April 8, 1970
Faculty Referendum
Results of the Academic Council Referendum on the Senate Action of January 22, 1970, submitted by Academic Secretary H. Donald Winbigler, Campus Report.
April 22, 1970
“Status of Punitive Clause, Navy and Air ROTC Must be resolved.”
Campus Report.
April, 1970
“Limited credit approved for Army ROTC on trial basis”
The Stanford Observer.
May 6, 1970
“Senate To Debate Violence Resolution, Termination of ROTC Credit.”
Campus Report.
May 19, 1970
“Will Faculty Senate Eliminate ROTC?”
The Stanford Daily “News Analysis.”
June 3, 1970
“Another Council Review of ROTC Asked; Senate To Study Report”
Campus Report.
June 5, 1970
Off-Campus ROTC
“The Stanford Faculty Senate ... endorsed recommendations ... for a new officer training program off campus...” Stanford University Press Release.
June 9, 1970
“Senate Endorses ROTC Report; Phase-out, Off Campus Training”
Campus Report.
June 23, 1970
“Academic Senate Ends ROTC Program”
The Stanford Daily.
June 24, 1970
“Mail Referendum on Senate ROTC Action Goes to Academic Council”
Campus Report.