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Trustee Reform (1968–1970)
Trustee Reform
May 16, 1968
Resolution by Stanford Board of Trustees
"Sit-ins and other activities by any member of the unversity community that disrupt or attempt to disrupt activities of the university must no longer be tolerated at Stanford..."
July 11, 1969
Stanford to Expand its Board
Article from the Palo Alto Times.
April 3, 1969
Excerpts from Pitzer’s Memorandum to Board of Trustees
Pitzer discusses expanding the membership of the Board.
April 4, 1969
Possibility of More Trustees
From the Palo Alto Times.
April 17, 1969
Memorandum from Roulette Smith
Memorandum to members of the University Advisory Committee, discussing Smith’s views on changes to the composition of the Board of Trustees.
September 18, 1969
Stanford Press Release
Trustees “have voted unanimously to fill two current vacancies with faculty members from other academic institutions …”
September 19, 1969
Radical Plan for Stanford Trustees
The trustees unanimously agreed to give students, faculty, and alumni voices on the Board. From the San Francisco Chronicle.
January 7, 1970
Braunstein Denied Post Second Time
Stanford Daily article on Pitzer again refusing to seat Yale Braunstein on the Trustee finance committee.
January 9, 1970
Pitzer Firmly Rejects Brauntein
Stanford Daily article about Pitzer saying he cannot accept Yale Braunstein for a position on the trustee finance committee.
January 21, 1970
Stanford Press Release
Stanford trustees voted to seek court approval to increase the Board membership from 15 to 25.
July 1, 1970
Stanford Press Release
Ballots will be mailed to Stanford alumni who will vote for their representatives on the Board of Trustees.
August 29, 1970
Stanford Press Release
The alumni have chosen four graduates to serve on the Board of Trustees.