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Off ROTC: Repression
c. April 10, 1970
Unsigned, undated flyer decrying the contempt charges lodged against five individuals whose “real ‘offense’ has been to play an active and outspoken role in the Movement,” and people to attend an April 13 noon rally in White Plaza and “show CONTEMPT for ROTC and the War in Southeast Asia.”
April 10, 1970
Pitzer Expects Criminal Charges Against ROTC Protesters
Stanford Daily, April 10, 1970.
April 13, 1970
Stanford Press Release
“University officials have filed affidavits for civil contempt of court charges against five individuals and shortly will bring campus judicial charges against approximately 50 students involved in protests against ROTC during the past two weeks.”
Court Order to Show Cause
Court order that Leonard Mark Siegel, John Frederick Shoch, Michael Sweeney, Irwin A. Busse, and Janet Weiss should appear and show cause why they should not be held in contempt of court.
Statement of Yale M. Braunstein
Yale Braunstein’s observations of the police during the night of the second Old Union sit-in.
April 28, 1970
Stanford Free Press (Volume 1, Number 1, April 28, 1970)
A four page, large format publication.
To The University Community
A statement by Pitzer proposing the establishment of a Commission to examine the limits of protest on the campus and the responsibilities of the University community. followed by a statement from the Committee of Fifteen.
May 1, 1970
Proposed Moratorium on Discussion of Other Issues until Peace-on-Campus Issue is Resolved
Proposed petition drive to replace the Senate’s April 30, 1970 resolution with a resolution “that the Administration initiate the employment of means that have proven successful on other campuses to eliminate illegal coercive force…,” prepared by W. Shockley and Thomas Kane.
May 1, 1970
SJC Case 33 (1970): Case of Michael Sweeney
Finding by the Stanford Judicial Council in the case of Michael Sweeney; majority decision and a concurring opinion.
On Burnell Mack, Jackson State and the Stanford Nation
Statement by The Stanford Community Against War and Facism.
May 14, 1970
28 More Face SJC; Only ROTC Blockaded
Stanford Daily article beginning “Forty demonstrators marched to the North County Court House …” May 14, 1970.
May 29, 1970
Remarks by Pitzer
May 29 letter to alumni in which President Pitzer encloses the “essential text” of his May 16, 1970 remarks to alumni at a campus conference.
Contempt Poster
Undated campaign poster.
Pitzer Rapes the Judicial Charter
Undated opinion by Yale Braunstein.
The Injunction Is Used to Discourage us from Good Political Action
Undated, unsigned flyer calling the injunction a “paper tiger” which has “scared most of us and led us astray onto false issues.”
June 4, 1970
SJC Case 37 (1970): Case of the Academic Council Meeting of April 3, 1970
Findings by the Stanford Judicial Council in the case against 7 of the 17 students charged.
June 8, 1970
SJC Case 42 (1970): Case of the BAC Door Blocking, May 12, 1970
Fndings by the Stanford Judicial Council in the case of 12 people accused of blocking the doorways at Board of Athletic Control building.
SJC Case 44 (1970): Case of the Second BAC Door Blocking, May 13, 1970)
Findings by the Stanford Judicial Council in the case of 28 people accused of blocking the doorways at the Board of Athletic Control building and the Armory.
July 7, 1970
Memorandum and Order
Finding four of the five individuals guilty of contempt and setting a date for sentencing.
July 8, 1970
Stanford Press Release
“Four of five anti-ROTC protestors at Stanford have been found guilty of contempt of court …”
June 13, 1970
Penalties Meted Out to Political Activists
Stanford Daily, report on Stanford Judicial Council action, June 13, 1970.