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April 21 Strike, etc.
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April 21 Strike, etc.
c. April 14, 1972
Protest the Escalation
Announcement of a rally at noon, April 17, with speakers Paul Ehrlich, Juan Flores, Robert McAfee Brown, and Connie Yu.
Why Strike?
Flyer stating the reasons for an April 21 strike.
Strike Pledge
Form for signatures.
Strike Schedule
Schedule of activities on the campus for Friday, April 21; Saturday march and rally in San Francisco; and Sunday 4:00 P.M. meeting at White Plaza to consider “What Next?”
Use the Strike to Campaign for George McGovern
A flyer for campaign workers.
Thursday Schedule of Activities
Unsigned and undated schedule of activities for Thursday
How to Strike Classes and Block Doors
Unsigned set of suggestions for various ways to hinder building access and/or interfere with a class.
April 20, 1972
Strike April 21
Call for a strike from the United States National Student Association and National Student Lobby, reprinted by the ASSU Council of Presidents
April 20, 1972
Biology I Policy Statement Re: Antiwar Protest Activities on Friday, 21 April
Ward Watt’s announcement that class will be held on April 21 for those who want to attend, and that the material will be repeated the following week for those who “feel morally bound to pursue other activities on Friday.”
April 20, 1972
Important Memo
Memorandum stating, “if demonstrators prevent…normal access to the building, please do not attempt to force your way in.”
How to Make a Torch
Unsigned, undated instructions for constructing a torch.
April 21, 1972
Torch-bearing Protesters Routed by Riot Police on Stanford Campus
Palo Alto Times report that, “Four hundred antiwar marchers were routed by 100 riot police Thursday night after they refused to extinguish blazing ‘liberty’ torches and scattered into dry fields along Palm Drive.”
April 21, 1972
15 Arrested at Stanford
Palo Alto Times report on 15 arrests at Stanford in connection with the strike.
April 22, 1972
200 Arrested: Crowd Blocks Camino Real
Palo Alto Times reports on arrests as students blocked El Camino Real on Friday, April 21.
April 24, 1972
“Strike” Schedule—Monday April 24
Report of a meeting Sunday afternoon which scheduled activities for Monday.
April 24, 1972
Stanford Press Release
(1) Demonstrators did $3,000 damage in Hansen Labs on Friday, April 21. (2) About 350 people attended a White Plaza rally on Monday, April 24.
Reflection on the April 21 Strike
Unsigned, untitled reflections.