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Franklin Firing: Stanford Rehabilitation Movement
Stanford Rehabilitation Movement
Undated, unsigned flyer describing the goal to “’rehabilitate’ the University, so that we will have control of our own lives, so that Third World peoples will cease being oppressed by Stanford, so that our ‘perception of reality’ will flourish and become reality rather than convictions that are repressed by the University.”
January 6, 1972
Rally & March
Flyer for a noon rally and march to “Rehire Bruce!!! Rehabilitate the University!!!!”
c. January 7, 1972
Stanford Rehabilitation Movement Calendar
Flyer announcing that the Stanford Rehabilitation Movement base of operations has been moved to the office of Prof. Bruce Franklin, and a calendar of events for January 14 through January 22.
Rallies by Stanford Rehabilitation Movement
Flyer announcing rallies against Defense Department recruiting and for the rehiring of Bruce Franklin; and inviting people to come to Memorial Church to get information, hold meetings, and to “bring sleeping bags and stay all night.”
Memorial Church
A policy statement about the church by the staff and their advisory boards
A Community Meeting
Flyer declaring that a scheduled meeting of the Academic Council, in Dinkelspiel at 4:00 P.M., is a “community meeting to discuss the escalating political repression of the anti-war movement at Stanford…”
c. January 10, 1972
Petition to Rehire Bruce Franklin
A petition written by the Young Crows.
c. January 12, 1972
Vote Yes: Keep Bruce
Pamphlet laying out the logic for keeping Franklin and asking for a “yes” vote at the ASSU referendum January 19 & 20
January 17, 1972
People’s News: Press Release from Stanford Rehabilitation Publications
Press release reporting a noon rally at the Hoover Institute to protest the appointment of David Packard and William Rehnquist to the Board of Overseers; and an occupation of the office of Robert Byers to “focus attention on the extent of rehabilitation that is necessary in the University.” The two files have the same press release in different formats.
January 19, 1972
Stanford Press Release
Report of the events of January 19, including a noon rally at White Plaza where about three dozen faculty members gave their view on the Advisory Board’s decision.