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May Actions
May Actions
c. May 8, 1972
Peaceful Picketing of Moffet Air Field
Flyer by “outraged students in Larkin and Lassen Houses” announcing a peaceful picketing of Moffett Air Field on Thursday, May 11.
c. May 8, 1972
Anti-War March
Flyer announcing a march and rally on Friday, May 12, by the Stanford Law School community.
Move on Moffett Field
Flyer from The Peninsula Offensive calling for a demonstration on Friday, May 26..
We’re Marching on Moffett Field!
Peninsula Offensive supporting the Friday march on Moffet Field, and stating “we’re students and unemployed workers.”
c. May 8, 1972
Work Halt at SLAC
Unsigned flyer which begins, “Over 100 people working at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center are halting work on Monday, May 15, 1972.”
c. May 15, 1972
Rally against Racism, War, Repression
Flyer announcing a rally in San Jose on Saturday May 20, sponsored by 17 organizations. The back side is titled, “Nixon’s the One.”
Just One Plan of Action
Flyer advocating a “prolonged Freeway slowdown as a tool of awareness,” from the Palo Alto–LaHonda Brigade, American Anarchist Federation.