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Franklin Firing: FBI Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO)
April 30, 1974
Anti-Franklin Plan Topic of Note?
Bill Evers article in The Stanford Daily, analyzing a note from the FBI files.
March 21, 1975
Letter from Herb Borock
Pacific Studies Center cover letter to Mr. Renza at Clark & Waggener in Denver Colorado. The letter accompanied four documents on the FBI COINTELPROS against university professors.
October 14, 1976
Press Statement from the ACLU of Colorado
ACLU report that it has been proceeding under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain surveillance documents from the FBI concerning Bruce Franklin, that it is now making available to the press 194 pages of documents released by the FBI, and that “these documents detail a shocking story of harassment and massive surveillance directed at the distinguished professor.”
October 16, 1976
Bruce Franklin to Sue FBI
Palo Alto Times article reporting that Franklin said the FBI failed to comply with his request to release documents under the Freedom of Information Act and that he will sue the FBI.
October 19, 1976
Franklin Contemplates Legal Action
Article in The Stanford Daily.
December 9, 1976
FBI Memos Reveal Campaign to Get Franklin Fired
Article in The Stanford Daily.
December 10, 1976
How the FBI ‘Nailed’ H. Bruce Franklin
Burton H. Wolfe article in the San Francisco Bay Guardian reporting on how the FBI “nailed” Bruce Franklin by faking letters and planting stories in the San Francisco Examiner.
December 2, 1977
FBI harassment campaign against professor bared
Palo Alto Times article about the FBI program, code named COINTELPRO, a nationwide effort against left and right wing radicals.
Who Really Fired Bruce Franklin?
Pacific Studies Center article by Herb, with quotes from the FBI files, published in the Grapevine as “It Has Happened Here.”
Bruce Franklin and the FBI: It Has Happened Here!
Herb Borock’s report, originally titled, “Who Really Fired Bruce Franklin,” published in the December issue of Grapevine.