Historical Archive
Franklin Firing
War Research & Industry
April 21 Strike, etc.
May Actions
War Research & Industry
October, 1971
Vietnam's Electronic Battlefield
Lenny Siegel’s 8-page article in Pacific Research & World Empire Telegram.
October 8, 1971
Stanford Press Release
“Under the Nuremberg principals, Stanford should declare its official intent to sever itself from the war, form a campus commission to dig out instances of involvement, and then take prompt action in each case, Professor Pierre Noyes of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center said Thursday night, Oct. 7.”
Stanford’s Hansen Microwave Laboratories
Undated, unsigned description of work done in the Hansen Labs.
c. November 10, 1971
Red Hot Professor Contest
Fund raising event sponsored by the Young Crows. File includes a ballot to vote in the Red Hot Professor Contest; background information on contracts to help select the Red Hot Professor; and an invitation to the presentation of awards.
c. January 5, 1972
Meet the DoD Week
Program announcing a series of talks and events January 7–10, 1972.
c. April, 1972
Why Strike?
The first page explains the strike called by the “National Student Association and 20 major student newspapers” and the following pages are titled “Stanford’s Complicity in the War.” Typing was “donated by ASSU Council of Presidents.” The documents are stapled together in the file but are not otherwise obviously related.
Join Us Tonight
Notice of a meeting to discuss future protests etc. Notices are on 4.25 inch square paper with notice on the back – the top image is on one side of each notice. Each notice has one of the four other images on the back.
July, 1972
From Our Own Backyard
A pamphlet from the Pacific Studies Center on war industry in the Stanford area.
Stanford: Where War and Business Meet
A pamphlet on Stanford by Stanford Venceremos.