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Franklin Firing: Venceremos
Why Stanford is Trying to Fire Bruce Franklin
Four page pamphlet by Venceremos outlining its viewpoint.
September 29, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
“By the end of the second day.. administration finished presenting all its available evidence …”
September 30, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
“… the University Administration and its lawyers have, so far, shown themselves inept in presenting their case …”
October 1, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
“Despite the Administration’s attempt to present reality as if it were an elaborate jigsaw puzzle, the true nature and sequence of events … came into clearer focus …”
October 3, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
(1) Franklin trial entering its second week; (2) Advisory Board Chair Kennedy “finally blew it.” And (3) The SRI Computer program GAMUT H which was running on Stanford’s computer last Friday was described as an ‘analysis of helicopter operations.’”
October 4, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
Franklin cast serious doubt on the testimony of prosecution witness Alan T. Waterman …” Two versions of the same story
October 5, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
“Stanford Trustees as Affinity Group”
October 6, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
“As the prosecution called up its witnesses … it is clear that Stanford University’s case against …Franklin is far from pat.”
October, 1971
The People’s Offense Begins
Venceremos article by Jeffrey Youdelman.
October 11, 1971
(1) Richard Falk’s scheduled appearance as a defense witness has been canceled by a government subpoena to appear in Los Angeles in connection with the Ellsberg case. (2) Franklin is to begin his case today.
October 11, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
(1) W. Glenn Campbell, Director of Hoover, will appear for Franklin as a hostile witness. (2) Franklin’s side of the case opened today.
October 13, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
Prosecution’s cross examination has become desperate.
October 18, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
Background information on Glenn Campbell and on the Hoover Institute.
October 11, 1971
Venceremos Press Release
Text of Franklin’s speech to a rally on February 10, 1971.
October 21, 1971
Prof. Franklin’s Political Trial Intensifies
Article from Venceremos
November 5, 1971
Rehire Bruce Franklin
Venceremos article. “After six weeks of testimony, cross examination, fireworks, and boredom, the ‘trial’ of revolutionary Bruce Franklin is nearing an end.”
December 18, 1971
Bruce Franklin Talks on Revolution
Venceremos article. Franklin spoke at the Lucy Stern Community Center in Palo Alto
January 7, 1972
Franklin Fired
Venceremos article. “In a six to two decision the Advisory Board which heard the dismissal case of Professor H. Bruce Franklin recommended dismissal to President Lyman.”
Statement by Katarina Davis Del Valle
Statement by the Vanceremos Minister of Information on the firing of Franklin.