Historical Archive
November 13, 1968
14 Classified Research Projects, Financial Reports Filed in Library
Campus Report, Vol. 1, No. 9, November 13, 1968, article about information on classified contracts maintained in a file in the Meyer undergraduate library.
Into The Dustbin of History
Collage of images and labels.
A3M Letter to David Packard and Bill Hewlett
Letter from A3M, thanking Dave and Bill for their gift of the AEL, and asking their support of A3M which would narrow the credibility gap that has been widening daily.
Engineering Research Structure and Funding
General Information on the organizational structure and funding of engineering research at Stanford, followed by a little detail on selected AEL projects.
Selected AEL Projects and Contracts
Project contract numbers, titles, sponsors, funding, and contract amounts, with some explanatory notes added, unsigned and undated but apparently put together by A3M.
Notes on the Systems Techniques Lab
Some data pertaining to the Systems Techniques Lab (STL).
Classified Research Discrepancies
Letter to the Editor of the Stanford Daily, from Robert Finn, Professor of Mathematics, concerning discrepancies between project titles and descriptions, which arose during the open meeting of the Committee on Research Policy.
April 13, 1969
Professor Rambo: Member of Old Crows
A3M Press Release about Professor Rambo and his membership in the Old Crows, an organization that fosters electronic warfare.
Rambo Black Crow Lyrics
Original of lyrics written during AEL sit-in.
April 14, 1969
The Goods on AEL
Report on AEL produced by the April 3rd Movement from AEL.
Association of Old Crows
Professor William R. Rambo’s Association of Old Crows Certificate of Membership, as a Charter Member in 1964.
Radicals Vilify AOC
Article from Electronic Warfare, the magazine of the Association of Old Crows, talks about AEL sit-in, aims of AEL, goals of those sitting in, etc.