Historical Archive
A3M: Encina Sit-In
May 1, 1969
A3M Votes to Occupy Encina Hall
May 1, 1969, 2:00 A.M. April 3rd Movement News Service Press Release reporting A3M’s vote to occupy Encina Hall following the failure of the trustees and faculty to meet the Movement’s demands.
A3M Renames Encina Hall
A3M report of its first general meeting during the Encina occupation, printed on Stanford University “Office of the President” letterhead, announcing the movement’s unanimous decision to rename Encina Hall the Huey P. Newton Institute for the Study of Racism, Imperialism, and Capitalism.
May 1, 1969
A3M Allows Payroll to Continue
May 1, 2:00 A.M. April 3 Movement News Service Press Release, printed on “Office of the President” letterhead, reporting the group’s decision to allow employees connected with payroll to enter the building.
Why Occupy Encina?
Lenny Siegel’s answer to the question, “Politically, how do we stand to gain from a sit-in?”
Encina Sit-in Photos
Viewphotos of the Encina sit-in. (Will open in a second browser window.)
May 29, 1969
Report of the People’s Subcommittee on Investigations
Table of salaries of various people at Stanford. The bottom states “continued on page 2,” but this file has only one page.
The Occupation of Encina Raised the Ante
A political analysis of what motivated the Encina occupation.