Historical Archive
April Third Movement
April 9
Committees of the April Third Coalition
List of names and phone numbers for A3M committees, hand dated 4/9.
April 12
The Third World Liberation Front
Statement outlining the premise and goals of the Third World Liberation Front, hand dated 4/12.
April 12
Letter sent to Pitzer and the Trustees
Letter hand dated April 12 and signed by 12 “Concerned Stanford Students.”
April 15, 1969
April 15 Third World Liberation Front Meeting
Statement and agenda for a meeting on Tuesday April 15.
April 21
April 21 Rally
April 21 rally announcement.
April 22
The Day of Concern
Schedule for the April 22 panels and symposia titled, “The Day of Concern.
April 25, 1969
April 25 Meeting
Press Release for April 25 meeting of April 3 Movement.
April 25
Petition for Open Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Asks members of the Stanford community to support an open trustees meeting in a large venue, hand dated 4/25.
April 25
April 25 Meeting in AEL Courtyard
Flyer announcing a meeting of A3M in the AEL courtyard at noon on Friday, April 25.
April 26
Forum on Research at SRI
Flyer, hand dated 4/26, announcing a May 4 Forum at All Saints Episcopal Church in Palo Alto, sponsored by the United Ministry of Palo Alto and the April 3rd Movement.
April 27
Community Support Petition
Asks members of the Palo Alto Community to sign in support of A3M demands, hand dated 4/27.
April 28
April 28 SDS Meeting
Proposed Agenda for the April 28 SDS Meeting, respectfully submitted by the Ad Hoc Committee for a Viable SDS: Cassidy, Friedman, Heller, Iverson, Kulbaitis, and Sapir.
April 29
April 29 A3M Meeting
Agenda for April 29, 1969 A3M Meeting.
Proposed Message to the University Community
A “proposed message from the April 3 Movement to the University community.” Undated and unsigned, this message asks members of the faculty to do away with classified research.
An unsigned, untitled, and undated document. A pencil note at the top says “…let me edit it if it’s not been printed. S.W.” (Scan operator’s note: guessing at the words and the initials!)
Statement of the Third World Liberation Front
Undated, unsigned statement.
USM Position Paper
“Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win.” An official position paper of the Editorial Board of Serve the People, the political newspaper of the United Student Movement.
Morality in Politics
This paper argues that the trustees will not be persuaded: they must be coerced. No name or identification on the piece other than “Emiliano.”
Fight, Honor and Obey
An undated guest column, by Jeffrey Blum, in the Stanford Daily.
May 2, 1969
Confrontation at Stanford: Exit Classified Research
This May 2, 1969, Science Magazine article by John Walsh discusses the protest movement at Stanford and concludes that the radicals and moderates could agree on ending classified research on campus. He opines that it is not clear what, if any, other changes will result.
Revolution: ‘The Only Logical Conclusion’
Undated guest column by Lincoln Malik in the Stanford Daily.
BSU Charges Valid
Undated column by H. Bruce Franklin in the Stanford Daily.
Erosion of Smooth Society
Undated guest column by Fred Cohen in the Stanford Daily.
Stanford Waits for the Trustees
Undated guest column by David Pugh in the Stanford Daily.
May 5, 1969
May 5 A3M Meeting
Meeting Agenda for May 5 A3M Meeting.
May 18
May 18 A3M Meeting
Agenda for May 18 A3M Meeting.
A3M Affinity Groups
List of A3M Affinity Groups with times and places of their meetings.
A3M Rally
Flyer announcing A3M Rally in White Plaza at 11:45.
Dial-ogue: Stanford University
A phone was ordered for the A3M office and its installation delayed. Dial-ogue: Stanford University, a protest action which would tie up University phone lines, was designed to encourage the University to speed up the installation of the A3M phone line.
DIALogue: SRI Phone-in!
Suggestions to tie up the SRI phone lines.
Menlo–Atherton Students
An undated, unsigned flyer addressed to students at Menlo-Atherton High School to enlist their aid in the campaign against SRI.
A Message to the Menlo Park Community
An undated, unsigned “message to the Menlo Park Community” tells of picketing activity at SRI and invites questions as well as participation.
We Need Your Help
An A3M appeal for contributions to cover legal and administrative expenses.
Call for a Discussion with Trustee John Gardner
Flyer announcing an invitation to Trustee John Gardner to meet at 12:30, and an open forum at 7:30. Date not specified on flyer.
Message to the Mid-Peninsula Community
Delivering the A3M message beyond the campus in a one page flyer.
Thumbnail Sketch of Stanford and Southeast Asia
One page, undated and unsigned.
Report on Committee Action
Reports on the activities and needs of various committees, printed on orange paper. The report from the Food Committee states, “We need girls to bake cookies …” while the Women’s Liberation report states that a co-operative child care center has been established, so “there is no need to stay away from AEL because of family needs.”
Hoover Tower is a Paper Penis
Suggestion that Hoover Tower be an A3M target is additional militant action is needed, signed by Steve Smith, self described as “aspiring communist.”
On to SRI
A proposal by Frank Cassidy and Marc Sapir for A3M to form an SRI Tactics committee.
What’s Happening at Stanford
A flyer for the Palo Alto-Stanford community that briefly explains the purpose of the AEL sit-in, asks for the community’s ideas on Stanford research, and asks for support.
Movement Demands Open Meeting; Pitzer Warns Against Interference
Undated Stanford Daily article by Michael Sweeney, with K. S. Pitzer’s letter to the members of A3M and the A3M Coordinating Committee’s reply.
A New Human Community
Undated Stanford Daily article by Daniel C. Snell.
Sit-In Provides Political Context
Undated Stanford Daily article by Bill Evers.
Students Stage Walkout at Trustee Hearing in UGLY
Undated Stanford Daily article by Marshall Schwartz.
Space Bldg. Restricted, Students, Profs Patrol
Undated Stanford Daily article about the new space engineering building which was closed and “guarded around the clock by students and professors in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.”
Movement Debates Plans
Undated Stanford Daily article by Lang Atwood.
Lift Suspensions
Undated open letter, from Richard Lee to Dr. Pitzer, published in the Stanford Daily.
May 18
A3M Press Release
May 18 statement clarifying A3M’s political position.
A Festival of the Repressed
Proposal drafted by some members of the A3M at the request of the Steering Committee.
Open Meeting to Discuss Stanford and SRI’s Relationship to Berkeley
Announcement of an open meeting at Lytton Plaza, sponsored by the Midpeninsula Free University; and a rally at White Plaza followed by a march to Hoover Tower.
It Is They Who Are On Trial
Unsigned, undated, untitled comments on the trial.
July, 1969
“The April 3rd Movement: How it Grew”
The Plain Rapper, newspaper of the Palo Alto Resistance, 2 pages.
July, 1969
“Stanford Spring: The Move Against Academic Warfare—campus insurgency”
The Plain Rapper, newspaper of the Palo Alto Resistance, 2 pages.
March 9, 1970
Sidestepping the Militants
Larry Schwartz’s article about A3M’s revelations of war research at Stanford, reprinted from The Nation, March 9, 1970.