Historical Archive
A3M: Guidelines for Research
December 24, 1968
Research at Stanford
A Campus Report Supplement containing a memorandum to the Stanford Community from R.W. Lyman and W.F. Baxter, concerning sponsored research at Stanford.
New Research Areas for Restrictive Consideration
An undated, unsigned discussion of research areas that should be considered for restrictions and considerations of possible long-term objectives.
A Message from the Stanford Sit-in
Message from students and faculty sitting-in asking those who share their concerns to come talk with them. Unsigned and undated.
Resolution Submitted to the California Democratic Council
Resolution supporting the goals of A3M submitted to the 17th Annual Convention of the California Democratic Council, signed by Herb Borock of the Palo Alto-Stanford Democratic Club. No indication of whether it passed at the Convention. This resolution is on the back of A Message from the Stanford Sit-in, but does not seem otherwise related.
Suggestions for Guidelines for Research at Stanford and SRI
Six page document, with different margins on the various pages, containing proposals “suggested by the Guidelines and Review Board committee for your consideration.” No names or date.
April 11, 1969
Amendment to Guidelines
Appears to be an amendment to Suggestions for Guidelines for Research at Stanford and SRI, hand dated April 11.
The Stanford Community Research Review Board
This document defines the composition and function of a review board. It appears to come from A3M. Another document, Stanford Community Research Review, contains the same information.
Suggested Requests to the Stanford Trustees
A preliminary set of guidelines for conducting research at Stanford and SRI. Unsigned and undated.
Letter to the Stanford Daily
Letter from Bob Eager, a graduate student in the History Department, supportive of A3M.
Proposal to Establish a Research Information Center
“A Positive Proposal” from M.A. Arbib, G.S. Kino, and A. E. Siegman of the Department of Electrical Engineering.
April 14, 1969
Engineering Caucus
Announcement, hand dated April 14, to join an engineering caucus to formulate guidelines regarding engineering research.
Guidelines for Research at Stanford and SRI
This document, hand dated April 14, appears to be a final draft of the April 11 Suggestions for Guidelines for Research at Stanford and SRI.
Announcement of A3M Research Guidelines for the University
Brief statement that that since the University is unable to agree on guidelines, A3M has created its own guidelines for the University, and its own Research Review Board. This statement is incorporated in the April 17, 1969, Message from the April 3 Movement to the Stanford Community.
April 17, 1969
Message from the April 3 Movement to the Stanford Community
Message stating that since the University has not been able to generate research guidelines in a timely manner, A3M has created its own Guidelines for Research at Stanford and SRI, to be implemented by its Research Review Board.
April 24, 1969
Proposals for Controlling Research
After the Academic Senate abolished classified research on campus, the A3M issued this statement pointing out that some objectionable research is not classified and should be opposed. Hand dated April 24.