Historical Archive
A3M: Opposition
May 31, 1968
Ad Hoc Faculty Information Committee; Multiversity
Note from the Ad Hoc Faculty Information Committee, listing eleven faculty members, to their colleagues, saying it is important to be familiar with the declared objectives of groups like SDS. The second page is a paragraph from Tom Hayden’s Two, Three, Many Columbias, published in Ramparts, June 15, 1968. These pages are followed by Carl Davidson’s document, The Multiversity: Crucible of the New Working Class; then a page titled, “Concerning the Authenticity of this Document.”
Now It’s Murder
Statement about the death of a maintenance man at UC Santa Barbara who died when a bomb went off in his hands while he was removing it from the Faculty Club where it had been planted. The piece is over Guy Wright’s name.
Department of Defense Research
Barely legible, undated, unsigned essay arguing in favor of doing research for the DoD.
Engineering Students for a Fair Hearing
An editorial against the “precedent of political force and coercive tactics deciding what types of investigations are appropriate to a university,” signed by Engineering Students for a Fair Hearing. Will You be Sacrificed Next? is found on the other side of the flyer.
Will You be Sacrificed Next?
Printed on the back side of Engineering Students for a Fair Hearing, this statement opens with, “Our contention is that any well-run Inquisition needs a heretic and we have been selected.”
Damage Done at AEL
An unsigned document listing damages from the AEL occupation and stating that the A3M should be brought before the SJC.
February 7, 1969–October 14, 1970
The Arena
The Arena“is published weekly at Stanford University.” The list of individuals responsible includes Mike Cobb and Harvey Hukari. Each issue is four pages. The first issue scanned is Volume 4, Number 3 (February 7, 1969); and the last issue scanned is Volume 9, Number 1 (October 14, 1970).
Photo of Harvey Hukari
Available as a pdf and as a jpeg.
Dear President Pitzer
A three-page letter to President Pitzer from Students for Peaceful Change on Campus. (Unfortunately it is printed in purple on blue paper – hard to read.)
Speak Out for Stanford—Join CAC
Coalition for an Academic Community (CAC) statement against violence on campus and the tactics used by A3M, and an application for Stanford students, faculty, staff, and alumni to join CAC.
The AEL Sit In: A Personal Commentary
An analysis of the issues by M.L. Wright.
April 17, 1969
A Case for Classified Research
April 17, 1969 cover letter to “Faculty Member,” signed by Hermann Schmid, Research Engineer, Systems Techniques Laboratory. The enclosure, Schmid’s essay, A Case for Classified Research, is followed by a list of people in the Systems Techniques Laboratory who agree with the views expressed, and a second list of people who “agree in substance.”