Historical Archive
January 14 Trustee Meeting
January 14, 1969
You’re Invited!!!
An invitation to join an open meeting of the Stanford Board of Trustees along with a list of demands on the Board.
A brief report on some of events at the Trustees meeting followed by the list of demands in “You’re Invited.”
January 15 & 16, 1969
Announcement of a rally to be held at noon on Thursday “to go more deeply into the main issue” between the students and the trustees. Handwritten dates “1-15,16-69.”
Rally 2
List of speakers for another rally, undated, to be held on Wednesday.
Report on the events of January 14
A six-page document reporting details of the student/trustee “meeting.” The author’s name is not included.
January 22, 1969
Campus Report
The first three pages of the Jan. 22, 1969 Campus Report, “A Weekly Publication for Stanford University Faculty and Staff,” published “by the University Relations Office, Stanley I Wilson, editor.” These files are the first three pages of Volume 1, Number 16, January 22, 1969.
February 4, 1969
Judicial Proceedings
SDS press release with SDS’s response to the Stanford Judicial Council’s request for suggestions.
February 21, 1969
Guerilla Theater Program
Program for the Guerilla Theater’s performance of Twenty-Nine Souls in Search of an Ideology, held in conjunction with the Stanford Judicial Council’s February 21, 1969 session.
Statement of the 29 Defendants
The response to the Judicial Council by the 29 defendants accused of disrupting a Trustee meeting, printed on two sides of a page.
February 27, 1969
Statement of Proceedings
Report of the Stanford Judicial Council proceedings regarding the allegations that students had “disrupted a meeting of the University Board of Trustees” on January 14. The document includes the steps taken by the Judicial Council, its judgment in the case, and its recommendations to President Pitzer. The Statement is 20 pages long.
February 28, 1969
Pitzer Letter
Feb. 28, 1969 letter from President Pitzer to Professor Jack H. Friedenthal, with cc to all defendants, accepting all of the recommendations of the Stanford Judicial Council.
March, 1969
“Stanford 29 Speak”
Statement of Defendants published by Stanford SDS, March, 1969. 4 pages.
March 4, 1969
Letter to Leonard Siegel
March 4, 1969 letter from Joel Smith confirming that Pitzer accepted the recommendations of the Judicial Council and saying that Siegel must pay a $50 fine.
March 4, 1969
"How SDS Plotted Stanford Violence"
San Francisco Examiner article concerning "the violent disruption of the Stanford University trustee meeting on January 14."
March 7, 1969
Marc Weiss
A guest column by Marc Weiss, titled “Won’t You Open the Doors?,” in the March 7, 1969 Stanford Daily, discussing the trustees meeting and the events that followed.