Historical Archive
A3M: April 8 Trustee Meeting
Vigils to Oppose Stanford’s War Efforts!
Announcement of Vigils in San Francisco and at Stanford’s Old Union Courtyard during the Trustees’ Meeting on April 8.
Demonstrations Held in San Francisco and On Campus
April 8, 1969 Stanford SDS Press Release reporting that over fifty students held a peaceful demonstration on California Street in San Francisco during the Trustee Meeting, while a concurrent demonstration was held on the Stanford campus.
Students at the Trustee Meeting
April 8 Press Release statement from the students at the Trustee Meeting. Unfortunately, the print is very faded and illegible in places.
Trustees Evade Issues
Flyer announcing a community meeting tonight, Wednesday [April 9], since the trustees “evaded the major issues presented to them by the Stanford community.”
Pitzer’s Remarks to the Trustees
Pitzer’s statement to the trustees at the April 8 Trustee Meeting, urging the trustees to “listen carefully to student and faculty views” and to “take some action today that will indicate your concern—that will symbolize your recognition of these problems.”
Trustees’ Response Was Insufficient
A brief essay on the Trustee’s response which “was less than satisfactory.” This statement has no date, author, or attribution. The formatting suggests it might be an editorial from the Stanford Daily.
Fuller Announces Committee Hearing on SRI
April 13, 1969 statement of W. Parmer Fuller III, President of the Stanford Board of Trustees, reporting on the April 8 Trustee Meeting and announcing that the SRI Study Committee Report will be published April 15, and that hearings on campus will be held soon afterwards.