Historical Archive
A3M: April 9 Meeting
Call for April 9 Meeting
April 9 flyer calling for a community meeting tonight, at 7:30pm, in Dinkelspiel Auditorium, following the trustees’ evasion of the issues at the April 8 Trustee Meeting.
Motion #1 was made by Jeanne Friedman. Motion #3 was made by Denis Hayes. Motion #2 may be a composite of motions made and amendments accepted. The motions are numbered in the order they appeared in the paper file which may be unrelated to the order in which they were introduced.
What Happened Last Night at Stanford?
Statement briefly explaining the decision made late on the night of April 9, to sit-in at the Applied Electronics Laboratory.
Call to Demonstrate Concern by Fasting
An unsigned statement, apparently written April 10, by someone who plans to fast for the duration of the sit-in, and asks others to join.
CBW Research
An unsigned, undated, demand for various fields of research to be stopped.