Historical Archive
A3M: Faculty Response
April 7, 1969
Ad Hoc Committee of Concerned Faculty on SRI
Memo from “concerned faculty on SRI” to the Stanford faculty, announcing a meeting to be held April 10 and asking more faculty to become involved.
April 13, 1969
Steering Committee of the Academic Council
Memo from the Steering Committee of the Academic Council to members of the April Third Movement and other concerned persons, concerning the request addressed to the chairman of the Senate on April 11.
April 14, 1969
Members of the Academic Council Committee on Research Policy
Draft document that includes committee members.
April 14, 1969
Open Hearing by Committee on Research Policy
Stanford News Service Press Release, from Harry Press, about the open hearing conducted by the University Committee on Research Policy
April 15, 1969
Academic Council Record of Attendance
Attendance record of the April 15, 1969 meeting of the Senate of the Academic Council.
April 21, 1969
Your Professor is a Member of the Academic Senate
A3M flyer, hand dated April 21, urging students to engage in discussion about SRI with faculty members of the Academic Senate.
April 21, 1969
New Research Policy Guidelines on Secrecy in Research
Draft of recommendation from the Committee on Research Policy to the Senate of the Academic Council.
April 22, 1969
Day of Concern Press Release
Press Release from Stanford News Service announcing the Day of Concern program schedule for April 22.
April 22, 1969
Memorandum to all Stanford Faculty
Memo, hand dated April 22, from the April Third Movement to all Stanford faculty, concerning “Stanford and SRI.”
April 23, 1969
Campus Report
Vol. I, No. 28 issue, with articles about research on campus, the occupation of AEL, and the future of SRI.
April 28, 1969
A3M Urgings to the Academic Senate
April 28, 1969 memo from A3M to the Academic Senate regarding SRI.
Memo to Stanford Faculty
Undated memo from The April 3 Coalition, to Stanford Faculty, on “Controlling War Research at SRI and Stanford.”
On SRI: A Short Review of the Faculty’s Inaction
A paper by Victor von Schlegel.
April 30, 1969
April 30 Stanford News Service Press Release
Press release by Bob Beyers reports that the A3M and the Academic Senate met separately and at length and that “neither group reached any immediate decisions.”
April 30, 1969
“It is time for the faculty stopped playing games with the future of this University.”
Letter in The Stanford Daily, titled “Senate: Censored,” by Editor Philip Taubman criticizing the Academic Senate’s secrecy.
May 5, 1969
May 2 Senate Resolution and A3M Commentary
A3M report of the text of the May 2 Faculty Senate resolution accompanied by an A33M commentary.
Petition to the Steering Committee
Faculty petition requesting a special meeting of the Academic Senate to consider the status of classified research at the University.
Cast Away Illusions, Prepare to Struggle
A document by the Peninsula Red Guard discussing the role of the Stanford faculty in the dispute over SRI.
Cessation of Objectionable Research
A3M memo to the Academic Council regarding the Council’s convening of a special session.
Faculty Action Sought
Stanford Daily guest column by John Perrin, identified as a “Suspended Graduate in Law.”
Faculty Petition Supporting A3M Tactics
Unsigned petition form for faculty to affirm its “moral concern” and also its support of A3M’s tactics.
October 1, 1969
Stanford may lift ban on research
Palo Alto Times article reporting that Stanford may rescind its ban on secret research.
Teach-In on Counter-Insurgency at Home and Abroad
Copy of a not-very-legible announcement titled, “Be Informed Before You Vote: Teach-In on Counter-Insurgency at Home and Abroad,” featuring five speakers.
Partial faculty list
“These faculty members are very important people to talk to about the action presently being taken at the AEL building.”