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A3M: AEL Sit-In
Discuss the Sit-In
Poster announcing a noon rally in White Plaza to learn about the sit-in.
c. April 10, 1969
USM Call to Participate
Flyer, from the USM Editorial Board, explaining what happened last night, and asking people to participate and help stop the war-related research being done at SRI and AEL.
c. April 10, 1969
Community Meeting #3
Flyer asking people to come to a meeting at AEL to “decide how long we wish to stay.”
Proposed Message from A3M to the University Community
A six-point, proposed message from A3M to the University community.
April 10, 1969
Occupation Continues, Demands Reaffirmed
April 10, 10:00 PM, Movement News Service Press Release. Version 2 contains what appears to be a handwritten correction of the number of students and faculty attending the meeting.
April 10, 1969
Students Vote to Continue Sit-In
April 10, 2:00 PM, Movement News Service Press Release reporting that students voted at 1:30pm to continue the occupation until a 7:30 meeting at which time the feelings of the Faculty Academic Senate will be known.
April 10, 1969
Why Are You Here?
Press Release from April 3rd Movement News Services, reporting on the “deep concern [students] feel about the destructive research Stanford encourages, as expressed in their answers to the question, Why are you here?”
AEL Sit-in Photos
Several photos of the AEL Sit-in.
April 11, 1969
Students Occupy AEL in Response to Trustees Indecision
April 11, 4:00 AM, Movement News Service Press Release, on Stanford Electronics Laboratories letterhead.
April 11, 1969
Armed Police in the Building
Hand dated April 11, this document reports on a meeting between a [A3M] committee and Police Chief Bell concerning police being armed, and his decision to resolve the problem by having police remain outside the building.
c. April 11, 1969
Want to Talk about the Sit-In? So Do the Students!
Flyer addressed to “all Stanford employees,” inviting them to talk with students today [April 11] at various places: physical plant, Stanford Hospital, Tressider Union, Hansen Labs, and SLAC.
April 11, 1969
A3M Letter to Pitzer and Trustees
Letter stating demands.
April 11, 1969
The Question of Tactics
Analysis of what to expect from the trustees and from the faculty.
April 11, 1969
Major Policy Decision Planned
April 11, 1:00 PM, Movement News Service Release announcing a planned meeting to make a “major policy making decision.”
April 11, 1969
Demand for Open Decision-Making Trustee Meeting
April 11, 4:00 PM, Movement News Service Press Release, reporting that students supporting the AEL occupation voted in support of several demands, including the demand that the Trustees have an open decision-making meeting; and announcing weekend activities at AEL.
Why Are We Sitting-In?
A short explanation stating that the trustees have ignored us, that they run Stanford like their businesses—to make money, and that the resources used in research should instead be used to benefit people.
April 11, 1969
A Message from the Sit-in Asking for Support
Message stating that students and faculty are now sitting-in at AEL, and asking for people to “talk with us.”
The Issue of Immoral Action Into Which All of Us Have Fallen
A brief discussion of how the acute action of sitting-in may provoke a reaction of disfavor and criticism, but that it gives “the university and community a large jolt in order that arousal and concern would at least create awareness of the serious moral problem facing researchers.”
April 12, 1969
Faculty Tea
April 12, 7:00 PM, announcement of a Faculty Tea on Sunday at 3:00pm in the AEL Courtyard.
What is the Sit-In All About?
A message from the students at AEL briefly explaining the issue and why they chose to sit-in.
April 12, 1969
Agenda for General Meeting of the April 3rd Movement
Document with two versions of the meeting agenda.
April 13, 1969
Sit-In Continues as Trustees Decide Not to Hold an Open Meeting
April 13, 11:30 PM, Movement News Service Press Release reporting the “overwhelming” decision to continue the sit-in, and Provost Lyman’s warning that faculty members would help identify students in violation of the campus disruption policy.
Research Policy Committee
Electrical Engineering Professor Alan Waterman, who is on the Research Policy Committee, points out that the complaints expressed through the current sit-in have never been brought to the Committee, and that the Committee is “willing, indeed eager, to examine aspects of research about which questions have been raised.”
Call for Open Decision-Making Meetings
A3M statement calling for the three open, decision-making meetings, two by the Trustees and one by the Academic Senate, to decide on research at SRI, research at Stanford, and the relationship between Stanford and SRI.
Child Care Center Established to Facilitate Women’s Participation in the Sit-In
Letter from “your sisters at AEL” inviting women to participate in the sit-in, offering the services of a co-operative child care center with free meals, and explaining how the priorities of the trustees affects the lives of women at Stanford.
Employees Invited to Talk With Students
Directed “to all Stanford Employees,” this flyer is titled, The Sit-In Still Goes On and We Students Still Want To Talk With You.” It summarizes the issues, explains why students are sitting-in, and invites employees to talk with students at several locations today [April 14].
The Politics of Community
A discussion of the politics of the sit-in. Only one page is in the paper file, in spite of the fact that it ends in the middle of a sentence. Unsigned and undated.
Stanford Students to Speak on AEL Sit-In at High School Rallies
Flyer announcing rallies at the three local high schools—Cubberly, Gunn, and Palo Alto—sponsored by The High School Committee of the SRI Coalition.
A Marriage
The marriage vows between Marc & Carrie, affirmed by the community.
April 14, 1969
April 14 Community Meeting in the AEL Courtyard
April 15, 2:15 AM, Movement News Service Press Release reporting on the Monday night meeting where the conduct guidelines were reaffirmed, and the planned meeting of the Academic Senate and the behavior of the Committee on Research Policy were discussed.
April 15, 1969
Marriage Under the Oaks of AEL
April 15, 11:00 PM,Press Release from the April 3 Movement News Service, reporting on the community sanctioned marriage of Marc Sapir and Carrie Iverson.
April 16, 1969
Proposals at the April 16 Meeting
A list of 12 proposals at the April 16 meeting at 1:00pm.
Report All Emergencies Sign
A sign asking that all emergencies be reported to the second floor information desk.
The Resistance Draft Help
Poster offering draft help in AEL room 214.
Engineering Caucus Meeting Announcement
Invitation to a Monday meeting to join the Movement’s Engineering Caucus, appealing to people with “more moderate views than those of some others in the Movement.”
A3M Movement News Service Media List
List of television stations, newspapers, and radio stations.
List of A3M Committees
Flyer urging “all participants in the struggle” to join a group, followed by a list of committees and work groups.
Come To Tea
One side is an invitation for tea and talk in the AEL courtyard. The other side, titled “What’s Happening at Stanford,” discusses the campaign against SRI war research.
Stanford Sits In Why?
Flyer asks for support and help during the AEL Sit-In.
April 17, 1969
Letter To the Stanford Community from Pitzer
Letter from Kenneth S. Pitzer to the Stanford Community, in which he criticizes those occupying the AEL for their refusal to identify themselves, and states that “the issue at hand is whether Stanford shall live by procedures of judicial due process upon which all constituencies have agreed.”
May 12, 1969
A3M Day-Long Program With Events and Workshops
A3M Schedule of Events for May 12, 1969. The back side, titled “The Issues,” states the demands adopted on April 3.
May 12, 1969
A3M Carnival Photos
View photos of the A3M Carnival. (Will open in a second browser window.)