Historical Archive
Position Papers
January, 1969
Structural Proposal for Stanford SDS
Paper by Leonard Siegel.
January, 1969
SDS – A Scandalous Expose
Paper by Gini Linsley.
Feb, 7, 1969
You’re Wondering Why I’ve Called you all Here Together…
SDS strategy suggestions by Gini Linsley.
A Limited Overview
“A paper on Movement tactics, the issues of the SDS demand, and a general suggestion for program,” by Leonard Siegel.
A Response to Leonard Siegel’s “A Limited Overview”
Tom Grissom’s response to problems in Leonard Siegel’s paper, and his own suggestions.
Bring the War Home
A call for action in a one-page, barely legible paper by Mike Vawter, Steve Smith, Bill Klingle, and the First World Liberation Front.
Prayers to the Rain-Gods This Winter
“General strategy, analysis and ideology, organization, and winter action-education program,” by David Pugh.
S.D.S./Pitzer Proposal
An analysis of objections to SDS and a proposed course of action, by Jeff Blum.
Stanford SDS expects or needs to fail.
That sentence opens an untitled essay by Carrie Iverson and Marc Sapir.