Historical Archive
Faculty Positions on ROTC
September 1, 1968
ROTC at Stanford: A Faculty Proposal
A proposal signed by 10 members of the faculty, September 1, 1968. The complete document consists of a five-page proposal and eight pages of appendices.
September 20, 1968
Faculty Study Hits ROTC
Palo Alto Times article, September 20, 1968.
October, 1968
ROTC Program may be Altered; Faculty Starts Reappraisal
Stanford Observer, October 1968.
February 7, 1969
Stanford University and the ROTC Departments: A Report and Recommendations
The Final Report from the nine-member Ad Hoc Senate Committee on ROTC, dated February 7, 1969, published as a supplement to Campus Report, February 11, 1969. The Majority Report, signed by six committee members, is contained with pages 1–8. The Minority Report, signed by three members, is contained within pages 9–14. The Complete Report includes the Majority Report, the Minority Report, a Preamble, and an Appendix.
March 4, 1969
Pitzer to Bach & Schiff
Letter from President Pitzer to Academic Council leaders Lee Bach and Leonard Schiff, March 4, 1969.
March, 1969
Should ROTC Go? Full Faculty Will Discuss It
Stanford Observer, March 1969, along with “Excerpts from ROTC majority and minority reports.”
April 4, 1069
A Report from Stanford Faculty Concerned About Ramifications of the Senate Decisions Affecting ROTC”
Statement by 14 faculty members, Stanford Daily, April 4. 1969.
April 22, 1969
Letters to the Editor
Special supplement to the Campus Report, April 22, 1969 with letters from faculty members.
May, 1969
Faculty Votes to End Academic Credit for ROTC Program
Stanford Observer, May 1969.