Historical Archive
President Pitzer
Spring, 1954
Pitzer Testimony about Oppenheimer
Transcript of Hearing before Personnel Security Board of the Atomic Energy Commission in the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer, Spring, 1954.
August 17, 1968
Fuller Letter to Faculty
August 17, 1968 letter from the Board of Trustees giving the faculty notice that Pitzer will be appointed as Stanford’s sixth president.
August 17, 1968
Pitzer Appointed
“Dr. Kenneth S. Pitzer, 54, president of Rice University since 1961, will become president of Stanford University, effective December 1.” Stanford University Press Release, August 17, 1968.
August 19, 1968
Student Opposition
“Stanford Student Body President Denis Hayes and Stanford Daily Editor Daniel Snell today sharply criticized the appointment of Kenneth Pitzer as the University’s sixth president.” Stanford University Press Release, August 19, 1968.
August 19, 1968
John Gardner Support
“John Gardner, one of the nation’s most respected educators, today praised the selection of Kenneth S. Pitzer as Stanford’s sixth president.” Stanford University Press Release, August 19, 1968.
August, 1968
Draft of “The Goods on Pitzer”
Draft of “The Goods on Pitzer” August, 1968.
August 26, 1968
The Goods on Pitzer
Reprinted from the Peninsula Observer, August 26, 1968
March 3, 1969
Hesburgh Letters
On March 3, 1969, The National Observer printed a February 17, 1969 letter by Father Hesburgh, President of Notre Dame University. Trustee Thomas Pike sent a note to Pitzer about the Hesburgh statement. Pitzer’s March 10, 1969 reply to Pike, along with Hesburgh’s letter and a letter from Hesburgh to President Nixon, are in this file.
June 14, 1969
Pitzer Inaugural Fairly Quiet Event
Palo Alto Times, June 14, 1969.
May 22, 1970
Cambodia Protest
“President Pitzer praised ‘the honesty, spontaneity, and constructiveness’ of hundreds of students and faculty who are protesting President Nixon’s decision to commit American forces to Cambodia.” Stanford University Press Release, May 22, 1970.
June 25, 1970
“President Kenneth S. Pitzer of Stanford University Thursday (June 25) submitted his resignation to the Board of Trustees, effective August 31.” Stanford University Press Release, June 25, 1970.
August 7, 1970
Stanford: Why Pitzer Resigned as President
Science magazine, August 7, 1970.
August 7, 1970
Summary of “Why Pitzer Resigned”
“The two chief factors leading to Stanford President Kenneth Pitzer’s resignation in June were …” Stanford University Press Release, August 7, 1970 summarizing Science article.
February 8-11, 1972
Daily Retrospective
Four-part series in the Stanford Daily on Pitzer’s term as President of Stanford, based in part on interviews with Pitzer, February 8-11, 1972.
June 30, 1970
Metcalf Telegram
Telegram from Senator Lee Metcalf (D-Montana), a Stanford alum, to Stanford News Service’s Bob Beyers praising Pitzer, June 30, 1970.