Historical Archive
SRI Study Committee
November 6, 1968
Campus Report
Front page article, “Dr. Glaser Poses Questions for SRI-University Study Committee.”
Half a Report is Stranger Than None
An unsigned description of the successful effort to get the minority report from the SRI Study Committee to SRI employees.
On Restrictive Covenant
Scanned from a copy of a newspaper article by Henry Killeen and Doron Weinberg, with no date and no indication of the paper in which it appeared. The copy ends mid-sentence: thus the digital version does the same.
SRI: Severance or Tighter Affiliation
A discussion of issues related to the Stanford-SRI union. The page is unsigned and undated.
SRI, Stanford, and SDS
A position paper on the proposed student-faculty investigation of the relationship of SRI and the university, written by Lenny Siegel, Harry Cleaver, Art Eisenson, and others.
April 14, 1969
Report of the Stanford-SRI Study Committee
Cover letter from President Kenneth S. Pitzer, followed the the 52-page report prepared by an ad hoc student-faculty committee chaired by Prof. Kenneth E. Scott. The report has the following six sections:
I. Introduction (p.1)
II. History and Development of SRI (p. 2)
III. The Present Relationship (p. 14)
IV. Majority’s Statement (p. 18)
by Nick P. Falk, Frank B.W. Hawkinshire, G. Victor Hori, William K. Linvill, J. Patrick McMahon, David S. Nivison, and Ezra Solomon
V. Separate Statements (p.29)
by Richard W. Lyman, Kenneth E. Scott, and David S. Nivison; by J. Patrick McMahon
VI. Minority Statements (p. 32)
by Mr. Barton J. Bernstein; by Harry M. Cleaver and Anne C. Bauer
April 14, 1969
Student Minority Report on the Stanford Research Institute
Stanford-SRI Study Committee Minority Report by students Ann C. Bauer and Harry M. Cleaver, available as a PDF document and as a Word document (doc) . Note that this Minority Report is included in the full Report of the Stanford-SRI Committee.
May 7, 1969
Senate Urges Further Study and Decision by Fall on SRI
An article from Campus Report.