Historical Archive
AEL Sit-In: Support Letters
This section contains letters, statements, and petitions of support for the AEL Sit-in. Many are no more than “we support the sit-in” or words to that effect. Some include lists of individual signers, some include resolutions; some include questionnaires with reports as to what percentage of respondents agreed with which particular statements.
April 10, 1969
Frances Merchant Carp, Stanford PhD 1950; R.W. Lee, Research Associate
April 11, 1969
American Federation of Teachers Local 1316, Stanford Employed Graduate Students
April 11, 1969
Twain House
April 12 & 13, 1969
Alpha Sigma Phi; Alondra House; Arroyo House
April 13, 1969
Stanford Employees Association
April 14, 1969
Concerned Asian Scholars; History Graduate Students Association (HGSA); Political Science Graduate Students Association (PSGSA)
Scientific Researchers and Personnel at SLAC
An Anthropology Secretary; Sociology Graduate Student Association
Harvard University Chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society; Demonstrators at University of Pennsylvania; Radical Student Union at University of California at Berkeley
Andrew Gould, ASSU Presidential Candidate
April 14, 1969
Grove House; Lambda Nu; Cardinal House; Delta Tau Delta
April 14, 1969
El Tigre Club; Burbank House; Cedro House; Junipero House
April 15, 1969
Professional Journalism Fellows; International Students’ Association; English Review Club; Stanford Employees
April 16, 1969
Casa Narannja; Phi Delta Gamma; Madera House
April 16, 1969
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Serra House; Theta Delta Chi; Muir House
April 18, 1969
List of Organizations
April 21, 1969
California Democratic Council; Mid-Peninsula Free University